One of the hardest things about the holidays (for me, at least!) is being able to afford gifts for every single special person in my life. Sometimes it’s just not in the budget to get your BFF, Secret Santa, coworker or sister everything that you feel they deserve. And that’s totally ok!!  To help alleviate the stress of finding affordable presents, I’ve rounded up 50 gifts under $15 that I’m certain any girl would be thrilled to receive. Don’t worry, I broke it down between coworkers/your gals, so over half of them are appropriate to give at a work party, secret santa exchange, white elephant, etc!

PRO TIP: Whenever I’m feeling like my gift is “not enough”, I like to bake holiday treats and include that on top of the gift when I give it. It’s affordable and no one will ever say no to Christmas cookies! (But for the record – you gift is ALWAYS enough. It really is the thought that counts!) Happy shopping!

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