When it comes to makeup, I’m not one to spend an arm and a leg. Truthfully, makeup kind of scares me. I always feel like I’m doing something wrong! But lipstick is another story. It’s one beauty product that I will never skimp on. It’s literally on your mouth! Think about that for a second… Wearing a bad lipstick is a bit like imprisonment. Is it on my teeth? I cant eat without smearing it. Wait, I can’t even drink without completely ruining it. Ok – I just won’t move all day.

No, no NO! Lipstick should be empowering and these 7 options, friends, are exactly that. They’re a bit of a splurge – but I stand behind these formulas with all of my heart. So pick a color you love and wear it all day, everyday!



1. GIORGIO ARMANI LIP MAGNET LIQUID LIPSTICK – This is probably my favorite liquid lipstick on the market. Typically, I find liquid formulas to be very drying (like the Kylie Lip Kit – sorry Kylie!), but Giorgio Armani is the opposite. It’s creamy and beautifully pigmented. Shade #302 “Hollywood” will give you all the confidence in the world. Best part: no lip liner needed!

2. YSL ROGUE PUR COUTURE – My go-to nude (color 06). I ALWAYS have this lipstick in my bag – I even have the mini lipstick, which is perfect to throw in my coat pocket when I’m going out! $37 is a lot (I know), but so worth it if you wear it everyday.

3. URBAN DECAY NAKED LIP GLOSS – Ok, not exactly a lipstick, but I couldn’t not share this gloss! I like to call this the “date night” lip gloss because it has accompanied many of my friends on first dates. It just looks so good! And isn’t sticky, which is a major bonus.

4.LAURA MERCIER CREME SMOOTH LIP COLOUR – The creamiest lipstick I own. This formula doesn’t stay all day, but it wears off “nicely”. No fade lines or weird clumpies (which is major). This lipstick also smells SO good. I love wearing it!

5. GIORGIO ARMANI LIP MAGNET LIQUID LIPSTICK – Same formula, different color (coral pink), equally gorgeous. I love wearing this color to work because it’s so subtle and stays all day!

6. YSL ROGUE PUR COUTURE – The red lip everyone needs in their purse (color 01). I never feel more confident than when I’m wearing this color. It’s always, always, always in my purse.

7. BITE BEAUTY AMUSE BOUCHE LIPSTICK – I tried this brand for the first time last January and fell in love instantly. The formula is a bit like “clay” – but in the best way possible. The lip liner is great too!

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