I’m Katherine, and welcome to my blog Katherine in Manhattan! I created this blog in July 2015 to share my style stories in the beautiful city of New York. What started off as sharing #OOTD’s on Instagram, turned into a mini business that I love to watch grow every day. My hope is that Katherine in Manhattan will be a creative outlet for me, and a source of inspiration for you!


I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but these days you can find me in upper Manhattan. I moved to the city in 2013 to pursue my dream of attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and have a career in the fashion industry.

Today, I’m an FIT grad, working for a luxury shoe designer on Fifth Avenue and running Katherine in Manhattan on the side. I’ve always heard part-time bloggers called “9 to 5 and 5 to 9-ers”, meaning that we go from our “real” job during the day to working on the blog at night. So basically, we get no sleep! It’s all SO worth it, though. I have a wonderful family and circle of friends that make the best squad of cheerleaders I could ever have behind me.


I moved to New York thinking that I had to look and act fabulous 24/7. To me, that meant wearing heels to class and never, ever having a “lazy day”. But the longer I lived here, the more I realized that was the most unrealistic thought I’ve ever had. Because heels are not the most practical shoe of choice in NYC, and my favorite day is a “ripped jeans and a t-shirt” kind of day.

After realizing this, I found my personal style. Because why can’t a girl be fabulous in sneakers and a moto jacket? She can! If I could describe my personal style in a few short words, it would be “downtown-chic” mixed with a little feminine edge.

So that’s me! For an un-edited peek into my daily life, check out my Instagram Stories (@katherineinmanhattan).

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Brand Coordinator: Eric O’Brien

4 thoughts on “ABOUT KATHERINE

  1. hi katherine,

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    we at umano really admire your aesthetic, and your ability to find the beauty in the small things through your style. your energetic spirit is evident in your fashion, and we can tell that you really value personal empowerment by finding what happiness and success mean to you. we believe that those important things start at a young age – through childhood – which is why we would love to start a collaboration with you. we would like to talk with you more about a possible relationship in the future between us, and would also like to see you rock one of our tees!

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  2. Hi Katherine,

    I was looking through your recent posts and I am just wondering how would you describe your style? Also do you any posts about jewelry?

    • Hey girl!

      I think the best way to describe my style would be downtown-chic, with a little bit of a feminine edge. I love wearing dresses, but I usually opt for a pair of sneakers or booties rather than heels – much more comfortable for walking around the city!
      I haven’t done a whole lot of jewelry posts, but if that’s something you’d like to see on KIM in the future let me know!
      Loved receiving your comment!


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