Holy smokes, November is flying by!! Thanksgiving is already next week and my heart is so grateful that I get to visit my family in Michigan. This is the first time I’ve been home for Thanksgiving in three years and I’m pretty sure the first time that all my siblings (there are 6 of us) will be together since last Christmas! I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving in my family usually consists of watching the parade, getting egg-nog drunk and only tearing myself off of the sofa when dinner is ready. So here enters: a cute-but-SUPER-casual outfit for Thanksgiving – or any chill event during the holiday season!

Stumbling across this oversized velvet t-shirt was a bit like love at first sight. It comes in six gorgeous colors and I think I might have to make my way back to Old Navy for the blue one! This is a piece that you’ll never stop wearing this holiday season because it’s so EASY. I can’t think of one thing it wouldn’t go with, but here are some quick ideas:

-Tucked into a skirt with tights and over-the-knee boots

-Layered under a blazer for work / under a leather jacket for a night out

-Layered under a cami slip dress (I know some of you are cringing – but you can rock it, I promise!)

-Paired with distressed denim + ankle booties

Okay, so you get the point – it goes with quite literally everything! With a lazy day in mind, I paired mine with this cozy cardigan. This cardi is SO soft! And it still fits under a winter coat, even though its so fuzzy. I also added my favorite sparkly Mary-Janes because it just isn’t the holidays without a little extra shimmer!

Hoping you all enjoyed this cozy-chic outfit. Take it, make it your own and most importantly, share pics after!! I can’t wait to see everyone’s Thanksgiving looks next week. Happy shopping!

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