It finally happened. I got my hands on the most PERFECT leopard print coat. This is one of those pieces I’ve been pining for the past few years. Katherine and the search for the Great Leopard Coat. And FINALLY!

Per my usual type-A tendencies, I had a list of things I was looking for in the perfect coat (and I swore I wouldn’t settle):

LEOPARD PRINT – duh! but it had to be the RIGHT print  (for me it was one that acted as a “neutral” in my closet so I’d be able to wear it with everything).

PRICE – I wasn’t willing to spend over 100 (although there are SO many tempting ones). So my budget was under $70.

WARMTH – Ugh, I hate my past self who purchased “cute” outerwear that isn’t even warm! Thankfully, I now know better.  So this coat had to be able to survive a cold New York City day.

Three simple things. You’d think the search would be easy! There are just SO many options out there and everything is different (yet the same). The amount of coats I bought, tried on and returned is a little comical. I spend my time + money so that you guys can save! 

The best thing about this coat is that it ALWAYS goes on sale. Don’t get me wrong, It’s definitely worth the full price, but why not save?! Today, as a pre-black Friday sale, it’s 40% off – making it only $42! If you’re waiting for it to go even more on sale for Black Friday – don’t wait!! Old Navy is always happy to price adjust if the item gets marked down – they have great customer service! So snag it now before it sells out!


In my search for the perfect coat, I came across a BUNCH of great leopard printed items – I love that this print is so “in” right now! Shop my favorites here:






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