Happy New Year!!

I’m back in NYC after a week-long Christmas vacation in Michigan. As many of you know, I’m originally from Grand Rapids and I’ve been back & forth what feels like a million times this year! One of the things I am most grateful for in 2017 was how much I was able to travel (although you couldn’t pay me enough to go back into an airport anytime soon). It felt like the week flew by, so I’m reminiscing with a recap of all my snowy outfits + where you can shop them! PLUS – I’m sharing what I got for Christmas at the end, so keep scrolling! 





(These boots are on sale!!)





Noticing a theme yet? I did pretty much wear the same 4 or 5 items the entire vacation! Proof that these items are worth spending on because they can be styled with ANYTHING!

This year for Christmas, my parents surprised my siblings and I with a trip to Mackinac Island. If you’ve never heard of Mackinac, it’s a magical island in northern Michigan where everyone rides bikes and they make delicious fudge (Google for pics!). I’m so freaking pumped!! I did get a few other gifts from family (and treated myself to a few things) that are worth sharing, so I linked them below. You can click the images below to shop!

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