Happy last day of November! It feels like the stress of December (work, family, gifts, holiday parties, money – AGH) has decided to arrive a bit early this year. Anyone else feel that way? It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with a jam-packed schedule and deadlines on your plate, but I try to remind myself every morning when I wake up what this season is really about. And aren’t we all so blessed to have things worth stressing over? I think so.

One of the things I tend to stress about most during the holidays is what to wear. Whether it’s a work party or a family get-together, we all want to look our best, right?! I’m always so bothered by the “holiday party” assortment during this time of year because (while it’s beautiful!) it’s so…littleLike, I don’t know who’s wearing a tiny sequin dress when it’s 20 degrees outside!? My answer: sweaters are so chic. Wear them with everything.

I LOVE the way a cozy sweater looks with a dressy skirt (or trousers) and heels. It’s classy and elegant and I SWEAR you’ll be the coziest girl at the party. The off-the-shoulder style is my favorite this season, so I’m rounding up my favorites here:

Here’s to making it through the holiday stress – you can do it! And as always, happy Shopping!

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