Happy Wednesday! Happy December!

It feels like the past few weeks have FLOWN by and I can hardly believe that Christmas is right around the corner! From a super nerdy fashion girl to all of you, this is one of my favorite times to style outfits. It’s probably the only time you’ll catch me in bright colors and sequins (more of that to come – stay tuned!!) If you’ve been following me for a long time, you know I usually stick to neutral colored outfits, but I’m totally using the holidays as an excuse to try out the latest trend: red, red, red.

When I say the color red is trending, I’m not talking about a subtle red. I’m talking RED. The in-your-face, can’t-miss-it, electric kind of red. Because it’s so bright, I like to incorporate into my outfits in a small way (like the stripes on this sweater, a backpack or even a red lip). Even so, I firmly believe that when you look “electric” on the outside, you feel electric on the inside.  This color has been giving me all the confidence in the world! I’m linking a BUNCH of current red favorites below, so keep scrolling!



Thank you to every single one of you that took the time to read this post – I can’t express how grateful I feel to have readers like you. If you’ve been liking the posts featuring current “trends”, comment on this post! They have been so fun for me to write because I get so much inspiration from the streets of New York! I love seeing what everyone is wearing -not just on the runway, but in REAL life – and reporting it back to you!

Happy shopping!


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